TCS Global Internship Program - Testimonials


TCS Global Internship Program provides an unmatched exposure - an opportunity to be a part of TCS ongoing projects and to interact with people from varied cultural backgrounds.

Find out what TCS Global interns have to say about their internship and about experiencing the unique vitality of India at close quarters:

Kasun Bandara - University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

"TCS Global Internship Program was a new gateway to my engineering career. It gave me an awesome working experience and lot of knowledge. Industrial technology and the environment in India was totally different from my own country. Thus it was a really valuable experience I ever had.
The support and the hospitality from the team as well as internship coordinators were unforgettable. Teamwork, commitment, hard work of the team lead me to achieve vital milestones in my industrial career. TCS is an ultimate place for every engineering undergraduate to take their internship as well as to work. TCS Pune was an amazing place to ‘live’. Its calm, quiet and beautiful environment as well as facilities make the employees mind relaxed and free.
I really appreciate the great help from internship coordinators, project members and everyone who helped me during this 2.5 months."

Kasun Bandara
Lennart J. Trautmann Lennart J. Trautmann - Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany

"The TCS Global Internship Program has provided me a unique opportunity to discover TCS and the Indian business culture, gain international and intercultural experience and work with a great team. Applying theoretical concepts in practice I gained experiences I can build on in my future career. I definitely recommend the TCS Global Internship Program to everyone who is interested in the IT industry, willing to discover a new culture and looking for an unique experience."

Michael Ciniello- Rotman School of Management, Canada

"Taking part in the TCS Global Internship Program gave me the unique opportunity to learn a great deal about a very exciting industry, as well as gain in-depth insights into the Indian economy and business culture. My work with TCS was complimented with rich cultural experiences, as I was able to work and share ideas with people from all over the country. Not only did I gain some valuable work and life experiences, but I also made some strong and long lasting friendships.
I would recommend this program to anyone looking to develop an international career, gain insights into one of the worlds largest emerging markets, and work on cutting edge IT and business consulting projects."

Michael Ciniello
Agota Pfening Agota Pfening - Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

"Living two months in God’s Own Country (Kerala, India) was a completely unique abroad experience from those I have taken part in so far. The Global Internship Program at Tata Consultancy Services offered me hands-on training and exposure to TCS’s culture and practices providing the opportunity to combine my quantitative and analytical competencies with my communication skills and my ability to challenge myself. It required an ability to work independently, but it also demanded strong team-working skills. I acquired thorough practical knowledge and gained useful insights into the organizational structure and operations.

Outside of work, I got a fantastic chance to be part of Indian life. I was also able to immerse myself in a fascinating society that is tremendously different from my own. Bargaining in the market, learning to wear saree, travelling on shaky after-monsoon roads among honking cabs, drinking coconut water whenever I want, are all part of my sweet Indian memories. The support I received from my team members and supervisor at TCS was marvellous, I felt safe, and I knew I had always help if I needed it. "

Alessandro Marelli - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi,Italy

"Working in TCS has been a great opportunity for me, sometimes something more than a simple job. I come from Italy and this is my first long experience abroad on my own.I managed to build my own daily routine and find my balance, especially thanks to a friendly work environment and a warm guest house.

This work experience made me understand better the dynamics of the IT consulting industry, the competitor’s offers and the market shares. It was also helpful to understand how to properly work in teams and how it’s like when colleagues rely on your output. I also got to know how a consulting company works.

The rest of the experience was the sum of tiny little details that are too long to list here, but that made me understand little by little this wonderful country’s culture. Throughout the weeks I fell in love with India more and more, and I will definitely come back in the future ..."

Alessandro Marelli
Alex Gordiani Alex Gordiani - University of Bocconi, Italy

"The TCS global internship program gave me the opportunity to gain important insight in the Indian culture and helped me to grow humanly and professionally. Moreover the work environment was excellent and the people in the team were friendly and always ready to help."

Chamindi Manamperi - University of Western Sydney, Australia

"This internship programme has given me the opportunity to gain valuable industry related experience that would allow me to expand my career options. The skills and knowledge I gained at university was quite different from the experience I gained at TCS. I was able to utilize and engage the knowledge and skills gained at university in a more practical approach at TCS. This internship experience has helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses and the areas I need to concentrate to achieve my career goals. The skills I achieved from this internship would definitely guide me to learn new softwares, programming languages and research skills faster compared to other semesters at the university.

The guidance, support, feedback and useful suggestions provided by the Project Lead helped me to successfully complete this internship programme. I also learnt how to work in a large team to achieve a common goal. It was a pleasure to work with such a committed, collaborative, coordinative, innovative and dynamic team. Working with this team helped me to improve my innovative and coordinative skills within a team to meet a common goal."

Chamindi Manamperi