TCS Global Internship Program - Opportunities

Sample Projects

TCS’ Global Internship Program offers opportunities to work on challenging projects on Information Technology. The key areas include: improving operational efficiency and productivity; promoting business agility; simplification and transformation; managing enterprise risk and compliance; and enabling the understanding of markets and customers. You can be a part of TCS’ ongoing innovations to address business, organizational and social goals such as enriching user experiences; optimizing enterprise knowledge; fostering information ubiquity; enhancing healthcare; and conserving the environment.

Choose the most suitable among the host of challenging opportunities provided below:

Project Title Project Description Intern Qualification Duration
02UNITY:User proximity based social network approximation and data mining. Creation and management of transient social networks based on physical world interactions and proximity. Further the graph data needs to be analysed to mine useful data. This project is targeted towards users in an enterprise/social group. The user's sensors on their mobiles are tracked. From the sensed information, a social network is approximated that matches the real world social network amongst the users. MS / PhD (Major in Social Sciences/Computer Science) 6 months
02UNITY:Development of preference based planners This project deals with the development of different algorithms for generating valid and optimal plans with respect to user specified constraints and preferences. Preferably PhD (Strong background in Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and optimization techniques, Experience in Java programming ) 6 months
02UNITY:Parallel and Distributed Computing for IoT Analytics Given any analytic service or workflow, the proposed framework will try to optimise its parallel execution over a set of available resources (both server class and edge devices) based on a-priori information on input/output, computational costs and communication costs of the algorithm(s) involved. We are going to explore available frameworks like Condor and see if it can be extended to incorporate low-powered edge-devices for low-intensive tasks while performing the optimisation. MS/PhD (Comp Sc), with sound programming knowledge (Java/C/C++), knowledge of Unix/Linux systems, concepts of Grid/Cloud, exposure to Grid/Cloud frameworks (desirable) 6 months
02UNITY:Object segmentation and recognition for mobile phone based images and Kinect (3D) images Object segmentation and recognition for images captured from mobile phones and Kinect (3D). Key deliverables of the project are Matlab models and C-coding, Papers and patents. Masters / PhD (Computer Science) 6 months
02UNITY:Modelling community dynamics of Gut microbiomes The project will involve collating information pertaining to relative abundance, co-occurrence patterns, physiological/growth characteristics of various microbial species inhabiting the human gut, employ above information to model microbial community dynamics. Key deliverables of the project are creation of a tool to predict dynamics of gut-microbial community, Publication of the work in international journal. Masters degree (Major in one of the areas - Bioinformatics/ Computational Biology) 5-6 months
02UNITY:Understanding different types of bacterial secretion systems The project will involve creation of a comprehensive database of various bacterial secretion systems and an efficient web-based search engine and comparison of different types of bacterial secretion machineries and their regulation. Masters degree (Major in one of the areas - Bioinformatics/ Computational Biology) 5-6 months
02UNITY:INTEGRATED COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS ENGINEERING (ICME) ICME is major research program at TRDDC Process Engineering Innovation Lab. It envisages a platform for development and optimization of materials, manufacturing processes and products in an integrated framework with materials and manufacturing process tools interacting seamlessly supported by databases, informatics and knowledge engineering tools.. Key deliverables of the project would be Multi-scale modelling during thermo-mechanical processing of metals/Modelling of microstructure property relationship. PhD (Materials science with modelling and simulation background) 4 months
02UNITY:Controlled drug release through biodegradable polymer particulate systems Development of mathematical models for controlled / targeted drug release using either polymer or inorganic micro/nano particles, and applying these models for design, optimization and control of drug release systems. MS or PhD (Chemical or Biochemical Engineering with modeling & optimization/control background) 6 months
02UNITY:Tele-assistance using Augmented Reality Smartphones are increasingly getting integrated with variety of sensors such as GPS, Accelerometer, microphone, etc. Use of these sensors to enhance augmented reality is one aspect of this project. Second is to architect a mobile phone based augmented reality system for tele-assistance in which remote expert directs an unskilled person in field doing a diagnostics/repair work. Key Deliverables of the project are - 1. State of the art survey, 2. Development of the , concept note, 3. Architecture (and prototype development) for a specific application. PhD, MS 3-4 months
02UNITY:Data dis-aggregation and source separation of additive sensor data Many times we measure contributions of multiple signals using a single sensor, resulting in an aggregate measurement. Then there is a requirement of separating (dis-aggregating) the original signal from the aggregate measurements. This project will focus on efficient techniques and algorithms to achieve this for multiple applications. Key deliverables of the project are 1. State of the art survey, 2. Development of new schemes / methodologies, 3. Evaluation of selected techniques (report) PhD, MS 3-4 months
02UNITY:Whole Exome Sequencing for identifying disease causing variations With the advent of low cost genome sequencing it has become feasible to investigate genetic mutations that may lead to inheritable diseases. We are analyzing a few such diseases in collaboration with scientists and clinicians at the University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco. A key element in this process is to identify novel genetic variations. This process relies on being able to compare variations observed in a group of diseased patients to variations that are observed population wide and prioritizing the novel variants to be further investigated. The 1000 genomes project is producing a lot of data on variations that are seen in geo-ethnic population groups. How can one use this data to better identify novel variations, will be the focus of this project Msc, PhD, Undergraduate programs 4-6 months
Maha Online, e-District e-Governance: Delivery of citizen centric services online MBA Minimum 6 Months
Tax Mantra, Orange County Property Tax and PA IOCMS Tax Mantra - Integrated Tax & License solution OC PTMS - Property Management System PA IOCMS - Integrated Offender Case Management System BS/MS 6 Months
Scientific Sector Projects Creating visualizations for scientific data, disaster prediction and management, Weather reporting and monitoring, creation of marine geophysical database MS-GIS Technologies,Architecting System design 6 Months or more
BP Application support MBA(operations) 6 Months
Maximo Implementation Maximo Screen Design and Customisation MS (CS) 4 to 6 Months
Maximo Implementation Maximo Customisation MS (CS) 4 to 6 Months
Ritesourcing Program Major Auto OEM, as part of its RiteSourcing program, awarded a five-year contract for Application Maintenance & Development to TCS. Major Auto OEM RiteSourcing program is aimed to optimize the cost of application development and maintenance by leveraging economies of scale under a SLA governed process. TCS’ gamut of services includes Application Development, Maintenance, Testing and Production Support across Product Development, Sales & Marketing, After Sales, Manufacturing and the IT Shared Services Portfolios of the OEM. As an outsourcing partner TCS also engages with OEM to achieve business and technical transformation across its business functions. Key transformational focus areas are around defining the future state architecture, technology refresh planning and long range IT planning. BS (Computer Science) 6 Months
Operations outlook Understand the more into operations and finance and help project to be more profitable for a major Auto OEM MBA (Finance and Operations) 6 Months
US Auto CG Operations CG is $80 Million USD pie of MFG ISU consisting of major Auto OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers from the US. This group handles Finance, Manpower/ Non-Manpower costing/utilization, Profitability of projects, Gross Margin/Realization improvements. MBA (Finance and Operations) 6 Months
GM Understand the more into operations and finance and help project to be more profitable for a major Auto account MBA (Finance and Operations) 6 Months
GEHC PMO - Marketing PMO MBA - Marketing 6 Months or more
APAC Operations MBA FInance 6 months
Billing model in compliance to International Taxation - For a Retail customer Need to co-ordinate with various Finance team in TCS, Identify the taxes applicable and define the right billing models for this Relationship - considering the way contracts are defined. This will become the Bench Mark for various Global Relationships Bachelors/Masters - Taxation 12-15 Weeks
Streamlining the P&L monitoring process Define process to identify what needs to be monitored, help in automation of P&L for a retail relationship Finance /Accountancy. Should understand the nuances of P&L 12-15 Weeks
Business Process and Change Management in Healthcare & Banking (1) Developing and Benchmarking Business Process & Change Management Offerings and improvising them
(2) Building the requisite Tools, Techniques, Frameworks and Methodologies
(3) Creating Business Change Community of Practice (CoP)
(4) Collating lessons learnt while executing an assignment & creating prototypes/case studies/white papers for training and other use
MBA 8-12 weeks
iGTM Work with the Innovation Go-To-Market team in aiding translation of research output to business outcomes Bachelors, Masters (Business disciplines)/ Marketing / Internaltional Business 12-15 Weeks
Incubation Group Work with a niche group that incubates non-linear growth opportunities Bachelors, Masters (Business disciplines) Marketing / Entreprenuership 12-15 Weeks
iConnect Work with the Innovation Connect team on branding & marketing research & innovation Bachelors, Masters (Business disciplines) / Marketing 12-15 Weeks
COIN Work with a one-of-a kind Co-Innovation Network team on venture capital, start ups, academic & strategic alliances Bachelors, Masters (Business disciplines) / Marketing / International Business 12-15 Weeks
Innovation Interface Work on connecting & translating business opportunities in  research and a variety of industry domains; and in the company's intellectual property cell Bachelors, Masters (Business disciplines) / Finance / Accounting 12-15 Weeks
Business Agility In the areas of process workflows, software & quantitative finance Bachelors, Masters, PhD (Engineering disciplines) 12-15 Weeks
Enterprise Knowledge Enterprise management, text analytics, mining, semantic search Bachelors, Masters, PhD (Engineering disciplines) 12-15 Weeks
Improve Environment Green IT, accounting, technology & data centre power management Bachelors, Masters, PhD (Engineering disciplines) 12-15 Weeks
Improve Healthcare Bioinformatics, genotype, nanotechnology, image analysis, biopolymers Bachelors, Masters, PhD (Engineering disciplines) 12-15 Weeks
Information Security & Privacy Program Analysis, re-engineering, zero defect software, property checking, tools chains, data analyser, metal innovation, multi vehicle optimization, electronic stability systems Bachelors, Masters, PhD (Engineering disciplines) 12-15 Weeks
Operational Efficiency Program analysis, re-engineering, zero defect software, property checking, tools chains, data analyser, metal innovation, multi vehicle optimization, electronic stability systems Bachelors, Masters, PhD (Engineering disciplines) 12-15 Weeks
Simplification Algorithms, optimization, next-gen infrastructure  Bachelors, Masters, PhD (Engineering disciplines) 12-15 Weeks
Ubiquity WiMax, wireless sensor networks, LDPC Codec Bachelors, Masters, PhD (Engineering disciplines) 12-15 Weeks
Understanding customers & markets Semantic enterprise data integration, business analytics applications Bachelors, Masters, PhD (Engineering disciplines) 12-15 Weeks
User Experience Natural language interface, speech, script, NLP, usability, graphics, HCI Bachelors, Masters, PhD (Engineering disciplines) 12-15 Weeks
Marketing strategy for a Retail Client Study the current marketing trends and best practices at popular retail chains and come up with an improvement phase for a major TCS retail customer  MBA - Marketing 24 weeks