TCS Global Internship Program - Faqs

TCS Global Internship Program: FAQs

Find quick answers to your questions about the TCS Global Internship Program.

  • What is TCS Global Internship Program?
  • The Academic Interface Program (AIP) is an initiative launched with the objective of cultivating mutually beneficial and lasting relationships between Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and academic institutions across the globe. An important facet of the AIP Initiative is the Global Internship Program. Through this program, TCS offers internship programs to students from reputed academic institutions outside India. This program is conducted in India, and is offered to a pre-defined number of students, for a maximum duration of 6 months. The aim of Global Internship Program is to give students from diverse cultural background, an opportunity to understand TCS and bring in distinct perspectives.
  • Who are eligible?
  • Students pursuing Graduate, Postgraduate and Ph.D. degrees at academic institutions outside India are eligible to apply for the TCS Global Internship Program.
  • Students from Indian institutes may contact TCS Academic relationship managers (details available at: through Training and Placement Officers.
  • How is the selection process?
  • TCS selection panel evaluates applications based on a set of pre-defined criteria. Acceptance or rejection of candidates is at the sole discretion of TCS.
  • How are projects identified?
  • Projects are identified based on strategic, sourcing and business requirements of TCS as well as on the expertise and aspirations of students, as stated in their resume.
  • What are the entitlements provided to Global Interns?
  • Global interns are provided with accommodation, stipend and medical insurance.
  • What are the terms and conditions?
  • • An offer for internship in TCS should not be construed as an offer for employment, or an employment contract with TCS. The internship does not create any lien for employment or an employee-employer relationship thereof, during or after the internship.
  • • The applicant should be an adult, that is, 18 years or above as on the date of application.

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